Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love it!

My kids eat frozen waffles around here for breakfast many days. Especially school days - crazy mornings where we get up at the crack of dawn and manage to eat breakfast, fix lunches, get dressed, brush teeth, pack backpacks and walk to school all before that final tardy bell rings.

Because frozen waffles are one of the few things we eat around here that are convenience foods, I take great care in choosing brands with the most nutrition. I really like Van's and Nature's Path. Both have whole-grain options with minimal saturated fat, sugars or salt and more fiber than most. Nature's Path has a seriously good Maple Cinnamon with oat bran - pair that with some fresh fruit and skim milk and my kids eat it up.

Most days, my 6-year-old fixes her own (with adult supervision at the toaster, of course). Today, she was running late and asked me to fix them for her. She requested a plain, multi-grain waffle plus one Maple Cinnamon because, as she informed me, "They are the healthiest ones because I read the label. And I want to eat the healthiest ones because they have lots of vitamins and fiber which are good for me."

I just stared at her as she flashed a smile and ran upstairs to get dressed.

Ah, my heart swells with pride! All those label reading games we play at the grocery store have truly made an impact.

Today is a great day!

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