Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drinking it up at Race Trac

Have you heard about the new promotion at Race Trac?  If you live around Dallas, I'm sure you have. 

I learned about it in stages.  First, a parent friend mentioned it to me, because her daughters (high schoolers) are participating in it.  A couple of days later, I read about it in the local business paper (my husband sent me this article from the Dallas Business Journal).  Finally, I saw a story on the local 10:00 news the next day - live, from a Race Trac, complete with patron interviews. 

Yes, it's big stuff around here.  So, what exactly is the deal?

This summer, go to any Race Trac (a gas station/convenience store), purchase a 20-ounce plastic cup (with a lid) for $6.99 and until August 1st, refill it for free anytime.  That's right, you can return to Race Trac as many times as you want to fill your humongous 20-ounce cup to the brim with any fountain or frozen drink. 

Kids are lining up in droves for this deal - middle schoolers, high schoolers, college.  And the biggest selling Race Trac for this promotion is right here in our metroplex area.  Some kid at a local high school even mentioned it in his valedictorian speech; and one girl interviewed on the news mentioned she went to the store three times (count them - three) that day to get her soda fix - while the reporter laughed along with her commenting about how she must be on such "a sugar high".

Race Trac, I'm sure, is ecstatic with all of this extra exposure, attention, word-of-mouth and not to mention, big bucks (I mean, I'm even writing about it on my humble blog).  

I'm all for a good deal.  And I'm all for saving money.  But I think Race Trac could have come up with a better promotion, one that supports current health efforts instead of undermining them. 

What about a voucher for just one refill per day?  Or make the cup 8-ounces and cap the number of times you can fill up.  Seriously, if some kids are guzzling 60 ounces of fountain drinks a day, what else are they eating or drinking (or really, what are they not eating or drinking if they are filling up on liquid calories and caffeine)? 

What do you think?

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