Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Double-Downer

Check out this latest article from today's MSNBC about KFC's Double Down sandwich

You know the Double Down.  

The sandwich that takes two fried (or grilled) chicken filets, bacon, melted cheese and "sauce" and slaps it all together like a breadless sandwich.

The sandwich that has sold almost 10 million here in America (yes, I said 10 million) over about a 6-week time period.  If you're counting, that's a daily average of 238,095 sold.

The sandwich that will happily fulfill more than 60% of your daily recommended allotment of sodium.  And about 30% of the average recommended calories for the day.  Not to mention over 60% of your recommended fat intake, too. 

And at about $5.00 a pop, KFC is making a nice little bundle from this venture.

So while KFC is raking it in, Americans are continuing to pack it on - and in - our bodies.  And for longer than a "limited time"; KFC announced it will now offer the Double Down indefinitely.
Seriously, do we really need this for a longer period of time?  Weigh in on comments and let me know what you think.

*Photo: AP/KFC


  1. I've had the grilled version. That is a pretty similar concoction of what I eat on a daily basis: Fat, Protein, veggies and fruits. Granted there is no veggie or fruit on the sandwich. At the price per what you get, I probably won't buy another one unless I really have to. The grilled version is definitely better way to go even with the caloric count, sodium, etc and probably one of the better suggestions at KFC, behind just grilled chicken.

  2. Brandon,
    I haven't tried the grilled version; it is a little better nutritionally (a tad less fat and calories) but I'm still concerned with the sodium content (you're getting 62% of your daily recommended allotment in just one little sandwich; even more than the fried version!) - especially for those who have high BP and eat this stuff way too often (i.e. weekly or even daily - yikes). And I agree, it's pretty pricey for what you get. You can go to the store and get fresh veggies and fruit for less than that! :)