Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Means Farmers' Markets

It's Farmers' Market time, people. Time to start getting up bright and early on Saturdays and making your way to the nearest market with your coffee, kids and reusable bags in tow.

Why shop Farmers' Markets? Hands down, it's the best place to find locally grown and seasonable fruits and vegetables. It's also a great place to discover a new food to try or to locate a difficult-to-find food.
And it's not just for fruits and veggies. Markets today feature all kinds of items - meats, eggs, plants, baked goods and herbs to name a few. Plus, it's fun to gab with the farmers who can teach you how to choose and prepare the ripest and best tasting produce.

I have several good Farmers' Markets near me, including one right here in town (check out an article I wrote in the Dallas Morning News
here about our local market).

But if you're unsure where the nearest market might be to you, try
Local Harvest. It's a great resource not only for finding Farmers' Markets (you can input your zip code) but also for learning more about how to buy from local farmers through CSA (community supported agriculture), food coops and other channels.

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