Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun at the YMCA Healthy Kids Fair

I had so much fun yesterday at the Coppell YMCA Healthy Kids Fair - there were kids and families everywhere, learning about healthy living and eating right. And of course, I did my part by having kids play the game "Guess How Much Hidden Sugar" found in common drinks and snacks.

Some shout-outs to my favorite people and moments of the day:

* Tresha Glowacki for generously donating half of her table to me and all my stuff (and for introducing me around to all the people in the room). She is with - I write monthly articles for the site - and Youth Sports Today. Thanks, Tresha; you are awesome.

* My mom, who stood next to me for awhile exclaiming, "Goll-eee Susan!" or "Well I didn't know that!" when I would show kids how much added sugar is in, say, a Gatorade or Starbucks flavored latte.

* My daughter, Isabella, who memorized every food product and its associated sugar content - and who delighted in shouting out the answers when the kids didn't guess right.

* My son, Zander, who took a few minutes out of his basketball playing time to stand behind the table asking everybody who walked by if they wanted a free Soyjoy bar or box of Total (our prizes).

* The many parents who nudged their kids and said, "See, this is why I tell you not to drink that stuff". Right on, people.

* The several kids who truthfully said "water" when I asked what they drank after sports activities. Special high-fives to the older kids who said they refused to drink soda, even at friends' houses.

* The mom who (like me) feeds her kids frozen waffles for breakfast on crazy school days and not Fruit Loops or some other sugary cereal. We had fun discussing the healthiest brands available.

Finally, my very favorite moment of the day: the 10-year-old boy who sauntered up to my table with all of his friends and proceeded to shrug and say, "So. Who cares?" as they played the game. He came back by himself at the end of the day and very shyly asked me to show him everything again and to explain exactly what hidden sugar meant. And, he said thank you.

And for me - if I influenced even just one person into changing their eating or drinking habits for the better, then I count that as a pretty successful day.

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