Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today, I rejoice! My three-year-old son ate not only one, but two vegetables for lunch.

Now, understand, this is a child that looked me right in the eye not two weeks ago and stated very emphatically, "I...don't... like... vegetables." Not just any child, mind you, but a dietitian's child. This kid should be eating, dreaming and loving vegetables. He should be running freely through the produce section, joyfully tossing carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and green beans into his little grocery cart.

But alas, no, this is not so. A three-year-old is a three-year-old is a three-year-old. And the old saying, "You can't make a kid eat, sleep or go to the bathroom", rings so true. So yes, I count the small victories here in my home. And today, I rejoice that my child inhaled a huge bowl of sweet potatoes (without sugar, BTW) and crunched down three baby carrots.

Yes, the smell of victory is sweet.

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