Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom's Day Surprise

In honor of Mother's Day, my daughter (a budding journalist, writer, softball-playing, Harry Potter-reading, lego-loving, 8-year-old) interviewed me for the Dallas Morning News.  

They printed an excerpt, but here is the (yes, tape-recorded) transcript in its entirety:

“Can I interview you?” 

That was the question my 8-year-old daughter, Isabella, asked me the other day. 

Hmm, I thought.  Sure, why not?  After all, even though my kids and I are together practically 24/7, how well do they really know me?  And if you have ever met my daughter, you know that each day for her is a new opportunity to ask questions and seek out answers.

So we sat down together and with a recorder in hand, she began her carefully crafted questions (with a few thrown in from 4-year-old Zander, sitting nearby). 

Isabella: What are your favorite parts about being a mom?

Susan: [laughing] I have lots of favorite parts!  I get free belly laughs, lots of love, tons of kisses and big bear hugs every day from the two best people in the world. 

Isabella: Do you like raising children?

Susan: I love raising children.  It’s the hardest job I have ever had, but it is by far the most rewarding.  Seeing you and Zander change and grow every day is a wonderful thing to watch.  I love teaching you new things and sharing life experiences with you.

Isabella: What is your favorite book series?

Susan: I have rediscovered my love for the Harry Potter series, since you and I have been reading them together.

Isabella:  I love them, too.  When can we start reading the 4th book?

Susan: Let’s watch the movie from the 3rd book first, then we’ll wait a bit to start reading the 4th.

Isabella:  [frowning] OK.  Do you enjoy being a dietitian?

Susan: Being a dietitian is awesome.  I get to help people live better lives by teaching them to eat healthier.  Plus it’s something I can share with my family.  It’s hugely satisfying for me and it’s something I want to do for a very long time.  I hope you and Zander will be lucky enough to follow your passion one day.

Isabella: I love art and animals.  Maybe I’ll be an artist or vet, or a dietitian!  What did you like doing when you were 8 years old?

Susan: I was in the third grade and had a best friend who lived two houses up.  We explored the neighborhood on our bikes, climbed trees, played hopscotch, jumped rope and spent all of our time outside.  I also loved visiting our family farm.  Lots of space to run wild.

Isabella: What is your favorite food?

Susan: Chocolate cupcakes, of course! And any kind of fresh berry.

Zander: [walking up] What is your favorite color?

Susan: Green.  Orange, purple and yellow are close seconds.

Zander: Do you like hugs and kisses?

Susan: [laughing] I love hugs and kisses, especially from you two. 

Zander: [yelling] No, just from me!  I like Star Wars.  Who are your favorite Star Wars characters?

Susan: Hmmm.  Princess Leia – she’s brave and holds her own among the men.  And Han Solo is swashbuckling and funny.

Isabella: Thank you, Zander.  Mom, what’s your favorite holiday?

Susan: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Zander: [incredulous] Why do you like Thanksgiving?  There aren’t any presents.

Susan: Well, Thanksgiving centers around food – which I love!  And I get to make your favorite sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows on top.   Plus, there aren’t any presents you have to deal with – you’re focused on just spending time with family and friends.

Isabella:  What has being a mother taught you?

Susan: Wow, lots of things I actually never expected.  Unconditional love.  Patience.  The enormous amount of pride I feel for you.  To be in the moment.  To be a good role model.  To prioritize what’s really important. And how to accept the fact that nothing really ever stays the same. 

Isabella: Those are all of my questions.  Thank you for letting me interview you.  I love you.

Susan: [hugs Isabella] I love you, too.  And thank you for interviewing me – I enjoyed it!


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