Friday, January 21, 2011

Check out the latest Today's Dietitian

I'm really excited to be in this month's Today's Dietitian - check out my quotes in the article Watch and Learn: Five Food-Based Films That Should be in Your Queue.

The writer interviewed several RDs, asking our opinions on five films (Food, Inc., King Corn, Fresh, Big River and End of the Line) and how these films have impacted our communities, clients and even ourselves.  These documentary films explore the evolution of our food supply sources and systems - genetically-altered corn that has infiltrated our grocery shelves, the chemical contamination of our water resources, the effects of overfishing on the world's oceans, the ever-tightening corporate control over our nation's crops and what consumers can do about it.

I encourage you to read the entire article to learn more about these issues - after all, we all eat food and we all deserve to know not only it comes from, but how and why.

And a big thanks to Lindsey Getz for writing a great article.

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