Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Restaurant Critic's Diet

Imagine that you wake up one day completely sick of your overweight self - and you decide that this is it.  Today is the day you start losing weight.

Now imagine that you set a goal of losing 20 pounds in 20 weeks. And that you begin two weeks before Thanksgiving - right at the start of the holiday feeding frenzy.

And finally, imagine you are the restaurant critic for the Dallas Morning News - requiring you to eat out five to six nights every week, with no limitations on what you are eating.

Sound daunting?  Not to Leslie Brenner.  Prompted into action last year by her own health history and a visit from two old (but very svelte) friends, she faced each obstacle and ultimately met her goal.  

And she did it without pills, surgery or crazy diets.  In her words, she did it by "burning more calories than I consumed" every day.   

Simple, but true.

Check out her story in the News, cleverly dubbed "The Restaurant Critic's Diet".  To Leslie, however, it's clear her success is more than just a cute name. It's a lifestyle change motivated by an epiphany to "take responsibility" for her own health.

Here are some points I love about this story:

* She knew when she was absolutely ready to lose weight, and she acted on it with no holds barred (even in the face of the holiday season)

* Her goal was realistic and doable - losing one pound per week over a sensible period of time

* She is a self-proclaimed food lover with a passion for her food-centric career - but she didn't let those facts give her an excuse to quit

* Thinking ahead and planning became a part of life - if she was eating out at night for instance, she would compensate with a light lunch during the day

* She embraced help that she could relate to: she used an iPhone app called Lose it! to choose food, track calories and log exercise

So a hearty congratulations to Leslie; you show that it can be done and done the right way.  I hope her story gives inspiration to anyone out there who wants to lose weight but just needs that little extra reinforcement.

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