Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carrot of the Week - Dedicated to my Brother and his new Bride

I realize I am a week late for my Carrot of the Week.  

Actually, I skipped last week's Carrot altogether.  I do have a good excuse, however.  I was at my younger brother's wedding - having a great time with family and friends. It was a beautiful wedding weekend and we are all so happy for him and his new bride.

And interestingly enough, my Carrot of the Week comes directly from last week's wedding experience.  I think this week, however, it is appropriate to call it by a different name:

Cupcake of the Week: Eat the wedding cake

Yes, eat the wedding cake.  If you are at a wedding and you really want to eat the cake, please, do it.  You don't have to eat an entire piece.  You don't have to go back for seconds.  But you can take a few bites in celebration of the bride and groom's love. 

I can't tell you how many people I overheard say something along the lines of  "I can't eat the cake because I'm dieting" or because "my diet doesn't allow sugar" or  "that's a no-no for me".   All while looking longingly at the cake - staring right back at them.  

This is the third wedding I've been to this year and I have heard it at every one - people denying themselves when all they really want is to have a little cake and feel normal. 

So I say: Go Ahead.  Eat the cake.  

Don't deny yourself at least a few bites.  It's part of life and it can be part of a healthy lifestyle (think the 80/20 way of eating).  Same goes for birthday cakes and a small piece of your favorite pie at Thanksgiving - celebratory occasions where special treats can be a small part of the day.

Taste it, savor it and thoroughly enjoy it.

I did; and so did my two kids and husband.  We took our time eating our cake, commented to my brother about how yummy it was, and had fun eating it together.  And then we went off to dance. 

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