Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's Move!

I am really excited about the new Let's Move initiative, introduced last week by Michelle Obama. It's a campaign focused on helping kids lose weight, shape up and eat right.

Three points I believe are important:
  • One, it's a nationwide campaign focusing on a problem (overweight kids and their futures) previously ignored at this level
  • Two, prevention is a key component - committing to concrete changes to reverse the problem before it gets worse
  • Finally, it is all about education - teaching families what to do, why and how
If you haven't heard about Let's Move, check out So many groups have pledged support, from mayors to governors, to business leaders, schools and retailers; and of course, pediatricians and dietitians. All are pledging commitment to help reach the initiative's ultimate goal: to end childhood obesity in a generation.

Lofty? Yes. Doable? Absolutely. But the one group we need the most are parents. Their commitment is crucial or this initiative will fail. I talk to parents all the time about their kids' health. Most are willing to help but are a little taken aback when I tell them it has to be a family affair. If the kid needs to lose weight, eat right and get healthy, then guess what? Everyone in the family needs to do the same. Kids can't do it on their own.

So, I will be very watching (and participating) in the Let's Move campaign by spreading the word not only to kids, but to their parents, as well. And I'll be hoping that it creates a long-term change in our kids' health and their futures.

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